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Step By Step instructions to write your first IVR Application – I

Recently I got an inquiry about writing an IVR Application in C++ from a beginner. And I remembered how I struggled to find some resources or simple, easy-to-understand source codes to get started! Finally I gave up of finding any such C/C++ resources and worked really hard to read the sample source codes bundled with Dialogic System Release! So, I thought I should try to write step by step instructions to write a simple IVR application for a beginner just to play a WAV file when a caller calls the IVRS number. ( There are many tools to develop IVRS, but writing IVR Application in C++ has many advantages!)

Hardware and Software Tools Requirement
1. PC with minimum one PCI Slot free.
2. Dialogic D4 PCI board.
3. MS Windows XP operating System installed in the PC
4. MS Visual Studio C++ 6.0 ( comes with MS Visual Studio 6.0)
5. Dialogic System Release 5.11 or 6.0
6. Dialogic Global Call protocol 3.0 or higher. GC 4.0 is bundled with Dialogic System Release 6.0.

1. Once you have acquired the above, you need to install the Dialogic D4 PCI board in the free PCI slot of the PC, then switch on the PC. Windows XP may pop up a window informing a new device found. I normally ignore the pop up and click on the cancel button.

2. Insert the Dialogic System Release CD. It should start installing the System Release Software automatically. If it does not, I go look for the SETUP.EXE and double click on it. One may even download the Dialogic System Release Software from Dialogic website. I normally ask the vendor to provide me link to download from whom I buy the Dialogic Board.

3. I select complete install and tick everything! While doing it might complaint some SNMP board found, I just click OK! After it is successfully installed, Windows XP installs its driver in pop up window! You do not need to do anything there!

4. It will ask for rebooting the System. Just reboot.

5. Now, after the reboot, go to program files, Dialogic System Release, and then click Configuration Manager – DCM.

6. It should start trying to detect the Dialogic D4 PCI board! If it detects, it will show up if not, your bad luck, you may have to redo STEP #2 through #5 after uninstalling it!

7. If the D4 PCI board is detected successfully, just start the board by clicking the GREEN Play Button! It will take some time to start and it may sometime give error in starting too! Normally I right click on the D4 PCI board and then click on the Restore Default option and it normally starts successfully after that. On successful start, the GREEN Play button become inactive and STOP button will turn RED and become active!

After successful completion of this 7 steps, you may now think of writing your IVR application! Just to remind, you must always start DCM ( Dialogic Configuration Manager) before you attempt to run your application.

Now you may check the PART II here.

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  • Windows Dedicated Server May 8, 2009, 11:50 pm

    That is very helpful for a programmer like me
    where everyday it’s important to come out with new possible ideas and logic in programming
    i heard that IVR software is very much used for those who prefer to work from home as well
    is that true

  • Vijay C January 27, 2010, 9:39 pm

    We are planning to setup a IVRS and your blog helped get quite a bit in getting the basics.

    I was looking for information on where I can buy Dialogic cards in India – more specifically Hyderabad.
    It would be great if you could put up a blog on that as well – if you know it

    Thanks Anyhow for the great work on providing great information

  • Uttam Pegu January 31, 2010, 10:34 am

    Hi Vijay,
    Thank you for dropping by. Yes, you can buy Dialogic board in Hyderabad. Here is the Address :

    Tecnomic Marketing Services Pvt Ltd
    G-1, Ganga Plaza, 169, Vasavi Nagar
    Karkhana, Secunderabad-500 002
    Tel : +91 40 2774 2422, +91 40 2774 2953
    Fax : +91 40 2774 2422
    Email : sales@tecnomic.com

    You may also consider buying Donjin boards which works just like Dialogic and even same software written for Dialogic works for Donjin boards too. For Donjin, you may contact us directly!

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