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IVVR : Failed to make any impact in India ?

Few years ago, IVVR ( Interactive Voice And Video Response) System was thought to be the next technology which may revolutionise the mobile entertainment industry! But, today, IVVR is not even heard anywhere in India and nobody talks about it anymore. Even IVR or CRBT ( Caller Ring back Tone) are not discussed anymore. Everybody seems to be discussing about Cloud Telephony as well as hosted IVR services. There are reports that even telecom operators are trying to provide hosted IVR services for corporates. Almost all major VAS ( Value Added Service) providers are moving towards cloud telephony to provide corporate IVR services.

So, what went wrong with IVVR in India ?

While IVVR sounds good on paper, in India there were many practical difficulties.

1. Mobile Network Speed
While it has been many years in India 3G has been launched, it was only in metro cities where it worked well and many smaller cities or towns were not covered with 3G networks.
Even areas where 3G were available, there was many complaints about its speed. So, even the enthusiasts were not satisfied with video calls, let alone use applications on IVVR!

2. Video Content And Quality

Delivering Video Content via IVVR to mobile screens of consumer were also thought to pick up in India, but people preferred Youtube instead! Also, WhatsApp is now widely used for sharing videos among mobile handsets.

3. Screen Sizes and Built In Speaker

Many smartphones have good camera, but lacked high quality built-in stereo speakers, specially the low cost smartphones manufactured by Indian Mobile Companies.

So, I think IVVR could not make any impact in India. With recent rumour of launch of 4G, IVVR may again try to make inroads in Indian market.

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