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Mushrooming of Cloud Telephony Companies in India

Now a days, I keep getting news about starting cloud telephony service providers in almost all cities in India. This phenomena or mushrooming of Cloud Telephony Service reminds me of good old VAS ( Value Added Service) days in India in 1999-2006 during initial days of telecom boom. Similarly, VAS companies mushroomed during that day and after 10 years, nobody discusses about VAS industry anymore.

Cloud Telephony Service seems to catching up with old and new entrepreneurs with “Digital India” and “Smart City” campaign by present government. We can hope it will bring in positive changes and increase mass acceptability of IVR systems in India.

While mushrooming of Cloud telephony Provider may seem to be good news for IVR industry in India, but I also have many apprehensions. Here are few question marks:-

1. Pricing

Most of the new cloud cloud telephony service providers are very aggressive on pricing in order to acquire clients. I had posted about IVR pricing in India one year ago and the same practice is being followed where pricing strategy defy logic. Its priced so low that I am not sure if business owner realise that cloud telephony service has raw materials ( telephony call cost) involved unlike other software service industry.

2. Back Up and Downtime

I know many cloud telephony service providers with couple of PRI lines without no backup, redundancy of services as well as dedicated support and maintenance team.

But finally, most probably, mushrooming of cloud telephony service is a good for users as well as IVR industry. I can see some consolidation will take place in coming years like any other industry but presently, I am sure, this growth of cloud telephony will continue.

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  • Sandy February 25, 2016, 2:45 pm

    Good information here to pass along to our customers! You offer a lot of great tips.

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