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How to use IVR Software A Voice Portal

How IVR System is used as voice portal? Here is a simple guideline how to plan a IVR Software to use as voice portal and start earning revenue from the day one of launching the service.

1. Tie up with a Telephone Service Provider.

Normal revenue sharing is heavily tilted in favour of telephone operator in India. Tilted in favour of Voice Portal Operator in China and some European countries. If you could get 40% revenue for you from Telephone Operator, you have made a good bargain in India.

2. Select Services to be made available on the voice portal
Find out some exclusive and innovative ideas! If you have some really, really innovative idea, even Telephone Service Provider will help you! Few ever green services are
1. Jokes
2. Contest
3. Music
4. Astrology
5. Voting/Poll

3. Choose a easy number to remember
Choice of Voice Portal Number is tricky. Here are some thumb rule
1. Easy to remember
2. Availability in all operators in the target region
3. Logical Number

4. Choose CTI Card and PC Hardware
Since it will be a service available for all subscribers of the telephone company, start with at least 30 channels. So you have to buy a Digital CTI board with Digital Connectivity. You will need to use at least two Server class PCs. One for the CTI Server and the other for Database Server.

5. Choose IVR Software / Content Management Software
1. You will not get off-the-shelf IVR software for your Voice portal. So stop looking for one!
2. Lot of customization will be required. And constant upgrading of IVR software will be required.
So either hire full time IVR Engineers or hire a IVR Consultant company. Niche Tech Services (P) Ltd. is a good option for that who has proven track record in Voice Portal in India. It has both IVR Software on highly customizable and robust C++ platform as well as robust and highly customizable Content Management Software.


6. Content
Content is very important. You need minimum one male voice artist, one female voice artist and a studio! Studio can be a simple sound proof room with PC and Sound recording Software! You also need one script writer and a content editor. You also need a audio editor. For music and other contents, you will have to tie up with music production houses as well as content aggregator.

7. Manpower
Man power requirement as follows
a. IVR Engineer : 2
b. Network Engineer : 2
c. Content Developer : 3
d. Audio Editor : 2
e. Scriptwriter : 2
f. Marketing : As many as you wish!

8. Marketing And Promotion
Marketing and promotion of the services of the Voice Portal is a must! Some sort pf tie up with any media house is a big plus. And it must be a constant ongoing process!

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  • Abhishek Mittal, Jaipur. September 23, 2008, 4:49 am

    After a long time…….
    but it’s good.

  • Ashraf khan May 23, 2011, 2:11 pm

    we want to expand our business as IVR based service provider in Bangladesh. Do you have any solution for IVR setup? please contact me
    my mobile no is +8801755520220

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