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IVR Chat Application for Voice Portal

An interesting IVRS Application for Voice Portal is Voice Chat Application! It can be a real revenue spinner for a voice portal if it is properly moderated, if it has feature like outbound call, background music etc.!

This chat application has two modes:
1. One To One chat
Here two users chat one through voice portal. The connection can happen both ways. User calls to voice portal number and can browse profiles of IVR Chat users and then send request for chat. If the other user is not connected to Voice Portal, voice portal makes and outgoing call to the other user and initiates the chat!

2. Group Chat/Conference ( Moderated or Operator based)
Here many people join a chat room just like in normal chat room in a website. Here a moderator approves any joining to chat room request. Moderator can block any un-parliamentarian chatter. Telephonic talk-show as well as public opinion could be generated and sampled using this kind of chat.

All calls should be recorded through a dedicated voice logger. There should be dedicated moderators. In fact, customer care of a telecom service provider could be modeled around this IVR Chat and Conferencing for better service to customer.

IVR Chat Application in a Voice Portal

IVR Chat Application in a Voice Portal

Suggested Technical Arrangements :
For better operation, we recommend using a private exchange (EPABX ) for chat application. IRIS IVDX with 512 lines is good option.

Chat Server is connected to this EPABX through ISDN PRI. (easy to integrate)
Here is the tentative option technical process:
1. All calls to voice portal lands on EPABX. EPBX routes the call to Chat Server.
2. Chat Server handles the call, does the patching, OBD calls, conference calls using EPABX conference facility. Normally, this is used for one to one chat.
3. Chat Server also uses Conferencing CTI hardware to conduct its own conference as per requirement. Normally this is used to Group Chat. CTI hardware should be Dialogic or Donjin. Actually it could be any other CTI hardware, but our software supports both Dialogic and Donjin CTI hardware.
4. Moderators or Operators are connected to EPABX locally and brought to conference as per call flow.

I hope this kind of application can increase revenue of a voice portal if it is properly marketed.

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  • conference calls September 16, 2009, 6:41 pm

    Awesome posting. This is very different. Rich in content and very useful.

  • Mario September 11, 2010, 12:32 am

    I like to know what feedback or recommendations you guys have on smart IVR’s that use speech recognition and responses that do not sound like the typical synthethised IVR responses from some applications.
    I heard some cool IVR’s like Apple, but are ther other’s that sound more human like on their responses?

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