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Video IVR

What is a Video IVR or IVVR ( Interactive Voice and Video Response System) ?

This is nothing but IVRS ( Interactive Voice Response System), but it also has video. So essentially the calling terminal has to have video screen as well as video playing capability! It also requires high bandwidth, so existing POTS (Plain Old Telephone System) or 2G mobile phones can not be used to make a call to IVVR Server.  IVVR is essentially for 3G or 4G Mobile Phones.

So IVVR seems to be quite new concept! But with its description in WikiPedia, seems it may have major application in the field of Tele-Medicine or Telehealth!

It can take inputs or commands from users either in the form of DTMF or Voice Recognition.

It can also be used in Voice Portal to deliver users many exciting services like instant cricket video update, live sports update, watch few interesting TV programs, catch up with TV Live Breaking news! It will also be used in live interactive multi-player games!

Overall IVVR seems an quite interesting development, enhancement in IVR Applications. Since Video will be delivered to user handset as Video Call, it eliminates requirement of processing the video feed for different 3G phones!

APEX Voice Communications, Inc. is one such company which has Video IVR Solutions.

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  • Aryan May 10, 2010, 9:20 am

    Hey !

    This actually is an exciting domain of Video IVRS …
    We are already working on it.. for an International Client…

    This will really dominate the IVRS Future…


  • shaurya April 18, 2011, 4:56 pm

    It will be of immense help! if any one can tell me how this technology can be used in BPO industry, which is already using IVR based services.
    Cost of employing these and benefits.

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