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IVVR based E-Com portal

E-com portal needs no introduction for anyone who uses internet. E-com has at least revolutionised the way we buy tickets to traveling, if not our groceries!

Now, with advent of 3G services by telecom operators and affordability of 3G enabled phone with dual camera, we can hope to see IVVR portal for e-com portal! It will be an one step ahead of IVR E-com portal I wrote in my recent post. IVVR portal takes care of all drawbacks one faces in using normal web based e-com portal and IVR based e-com portal! Still, IVR e-com portal will score over everything for those people with visual disabilities though!

IVVR(Interactive Voice and Video Response) e-com portal could be accessed by any 3G enabled mobile phone, they can surf any products, be a T-shirt or latest sports car! He can even do test drive a car virtually! It will revolutionize the way one buys a cinema ticket! It has already done, I hope where SpeechStorm has implemented IVVR for movie ticketing in Etisalat. First watching trailers of the available movies and then deciding to book tickets from comfort of home with family or even in office cafeteria with friends, sounds very interesting and appealing to me!

How about buying your favorite shirt on IVVR E-com portal where you check out many shirts as per your choice ? How about entering your size, colour, prints, budget etc. find your desired shirts quickly and smartly? Best part is you can do this from comfort of your drawing room, without any fear from those suicide bombing at malls.

Everything looks awesome about IVVR based e-com portal where one can browse through products quickly and buy instantly. One may not go to mall, spend hours in browsing through products. Though spending time in malls with family and friend may be good leisure, but it may not remain so, specially with shrinking family time as well as security concern. Through IVVR e-com portal, one will be able to ‘try’ the products which a web based e-com portal was unable to provide!

But, the major problem with IVVR is its dependency on 3G networks. Though 3G networks are present in many countries including India, but it has not penetrated to the mass yet. But we can surely hope, it will penetrate soon. Because of this, no one can guess how telecom operator will charge 3G usage. Because, most probably, everyone would be using various IM for making voice calls instead of making ‘plain old voice cal’ in the age of 3G. But if telecom operators offer some unlimited scheme per month, there should be some interest in setting up and usage of IVVR e-com portal. Otherwise it will remain just a hobby of tech savvy people, not a mass consumer item!

But IVVR as technology and IVVR E-Com portal as application surely look exciting!

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