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Why some people hate IVRS ?

Yes, it is true. Many people do not like using IVRS! But it is nothing to with IVR as a technology, but poorly designed IVRS. There are few websites who list top 100 worst IVRS! Also website about  IVR cheat code to speak to human agent in shortest way possible.

These sites have been real eye opener to me and I think they clearly make IVRS developers, consultant work harder to make use of IVR more user friendly. IVRS usability is as important as the IVRS itself!

That is the irony! Many people look for just the technological aspects of an IVRS, specially the developers like me! I too get excited about the jargon, SS7, ISDN, Call Handling, CDR etc. while enough importance is not given designing of menus, call flow and day to day monitoring of successful IVR usage.

No doubt, the technological aspect is important to keep the IVRS running 24 hours a day, at the end of the day, if the caller does not find the IVRS to use and get his desired information, the very purpose of installing an IVRS is defeated!

Here is the link to a youtube video about IVRS.

The website to visit to know 100 worst IVR : http://www.touchtonehell.com/

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