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One Outbound IVR tip which can increase conversion

The challenge in any successful outbound voice call campaign is to connect the called person to a human agent and start meaningful conversation. Presently, many people slam their phones ( well, with mobile phone, they can no longer slam their phones, but easily disconnect the call) as soon as they realise that the call is an automated one, so must be a boring sales speech!

Many call center try to reduce this disconnection by called parties using a simple trick, “connect the human agent first, dial customer later”, keeping the human agent on hold! While this seems to work as the called party gets to hear human voice as soon as s/he picks up the call. But the efficiency of human agent goes down as s/he may end up wasting lot of time holding the call while waiting for outbound IVR to dial out and customer to pick up the call!

So, here is the simple outbound IVR tip which can help reduce the slamming of outbound IVR call while keeping the human agent efficient.

1. As soon as human agent logs into to call center system or outbound IVR system, ask her to record a voice, ‘Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening, I am Rita ( agent name) speaking from XYZ company’ in her own voice! If this message is already recorded in her own voice, just let her choose the appropriate greetings and the short introduction.

2. Now dial out the number from the list, as soon as the call is picked , play this recorded voice while dialing out to the human agent. The called party will get to hear human voice of the same agent whom he would be connected by the time the playing of recorded message is over or before that!

So, if you have a outbound campaign, try this simple trick and check the increase in conversion!

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