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IVVR For Tourism Industry

What is IVVR ?
IVVR ( Interactive Voice and Video Response) system can be thought of next generation of IVR system which includes ‘video’ apart from only voice in a typical IVR system. In an IVVR system, a caller will use a video call, will be able to choose options from his mobile phone screen, view information required by him in video format. Since now, in an IVR, caller could only listen his information in voice and select any option either by DTMF or speech recognition! With IVVR, caller would be able to give command to IVR system through user-friendly way by choosing menu options as if browsing a website!

How tourism industry can benefit from IVVR ?

Tourism industry majorly thrive on ‘showcasing’ their attraction to prospective visitors! So, IVVR could be cheap, highly interactive, accessible anywhere tool for any hotel or online travel companies! Till, now travel companies may have been promoting their hotel, destination through either costly TV advertisements, CD/DVD distribution, or plain old news paper/ magazine advertisements without any interaction at all. Website is a good medium, but then an web visitor needs a laptop or PC, internet connection etc. to check the hotel or the destination.

With introduction of 3G in many countries in the world, also availability of low cost 3G enabled mobile phones and falling bandwidth cost are likely to propel use of IVVR of hotels and other tourist attractions!

1. Providing video footage of hotel rooms

Hotel would be able to provide complete video presentation of their property, rooms, amenities, lobby etc. This will not only attract more and more travelers, but also increase confidence in the property.

2. Interactive booking

After reviewing a property, a traveler would be able to book by interacting directly with booking agent. Visual interaction gives more confidence for first time traveler than mere email exchange or telephonic conversation.

3. Live promotional video

Hotels or other travel marketing companies would be able to provide live promotional video to prospective traveler or clients. This would be really interesting for a traveler to check out the room he or she would be staying in near future!

So, most probably, IVVR offers some exciting application for hotel and traveling industry. Has any hotel or travel company implemented any IVVR for their properties ? I would be very interested to know and explore more about this.

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  • Hari Kumar April 26, 2012, 10:30 am

    Click to call software services are truly the next big thing and the travel and tourism industry will greatly benefit from it. Connecting to call centers using a toll free numbers which were used before were expensive to setup. Web based click to call software products make this functionality available to travel and tour companies at a fraction of the cost.

    Additionally they will be able to get connected to online customers on a range of devices like their land phone, mobile phone, SIP phone, softphone on computer, android devices, ios devices etc.

    Our company has a click to call service called CrossRange – http://www.crossrangetalk.com. On average businesses claim their online sales/leads have increased by at least 60% using such live interaction systems.

  • CYRIL ZHANG September 28, 2012, 7:35 pm

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