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IVR Help should be integral part of IVR System

While there are many smart ways to improve usability of IVR system for its users, one feature should also be always part of the IVR System, that is IVR Help! All computer software comes with a help file, IVR System should also have a ‘Help File’ in the form of a dedicated IVR number or a dedicated menu option at the top most menu option, this is what I realised while discussing about a IVR based complaint management system for a large corporate.

When a new system is deployed in order to provide some service, some training or quick ‘Step By Step’ guide is required which should be very easy to understand, and easy to be followed step by step instructions. In IVR system, it could be just a audio instruction which would be played as soon as a caller choose the IVR Help option.

This kind of audio instruction would surely more helpful for users as they dont have to read some instruction manual. Also, if some one does not use the IVR very often, he does not have to bother about keeping the IVR user manual in safe place and refer to it again, instead he can always choose the option of IVR help to listen to IVR help instruction.

Most probably, preparing a IVR Help audio file would be interesting! It can not be just a TTS of IR user manual! Rather it could be description of basic things like phone keypad, DTMF, hold music, speech recognition, confirmation keypress etc.

I hope IVR audio help menu in a new IVR System would be surely help new users to sue the IVR system without getting frustrated!

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