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Travel Industry and IVRS

IVRS has application now in almost all industries! With the advent of telecommunication, IVRS has become almost an essential application to automate various business activities. Travel Industry has too IVRS application, which can help in a big way in customer service to any size of tour and travel company. In fact, any travel and toour companies get a lot of calls with routine enquiries which can be best attended by IVRS more efficiently and quickly! Remember, many people prefer getting information from IVRS than human!

Here are the few usage of IVRS in Travel Industry:

1. Quick response to a caller as well as to provide precise information.

2. It can search and retrieve from large database built over the years efficiently through IVR Application and provide the information to the caller quickly.

3. It can gather caller information by caller id as well as record and voice message.

4. It works 24 hours a day never goes on leave.

5. It can have many langauge choice to the caller and have intelligence to greet in local language as per the caller id and calling country! For example, if some one calls from France and he is greetd in French Langauge, I hope you will get a deal for sure!

6. It can generate automatic enquiry number as well as connect to human executive on requirement basis!

7. Minimum Human intervention for mundane questions will increase efficiency of executives and produce more result.

Here is a call flow for  a typical travel company

1. Caller is greeted ina language as per caller id.

2. Choice for Language.

3. Announce list of information available by the Travel Company.

4. Caller chooses an option, and it retrievs the required information from database and announce to the caller.

5. It can also connect to human executive during working hours or record the voice enquiry in audio file format.

6. MIS reporting of callers as per date and time and enquiry number.

The above call flow would definitely be customised from one Travel Company to other.

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