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IVRS in Courts

Another interesting IVR Application is for courts. In fact many Indian High Courts have implemented IVRS. IVR can help decreasing footfalls in courts for many routine inquiries.

High courts can use both inbound and outbound IVRS. Inbound IVR Application can be mainly used for for the following:-

1. Providing information about any case as per case number, case today, court of the judge.

2. Providing information about holidays, leaves, postponement. It will be specially beneficial for people who travel long distance to attend a hearing.

3. Announce change of date of hearing, assigned lawyer etc.

4. Announce important information about the court and important rules and regulations as well as legal services and assistance provided by courts.

5. It can also work as paging for the lawyer of a particular case where a caller can send message for a lawyer.

6. Complaint about any employee of the high court. Report about anything which will help honorable judges deliver justice.

7. Feedback about court.

Outbound IVRS can be used for following:

1. Alerts services for lawyers about pending hearing, case. This can be paid service to lawyers as well.

2. Outbound call alerts judges about pending cases or shifting.

3. Outbound call to announce important verdict to the concerned parties.

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