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Quiz on IVR : New Application

Recently, I have come across many IVRs which asks multiple choice questions and press a key to answer the correct options. For every correct answer, the caller gets a point and these points are accumulated. If I remember correctly, this kind of quiz on IVR has been popular in voice portal services in India where some contest was organised and top 10 scorers were given prizes.

Normally, this kind of quiz contest on IVR used to work following way :-

1. Voice Portal had hundreds of questions ( some easy, some difficult).
2. The questions were asked randomly.
3. A caller can call many times till the end of the contest period.
4. The caller never gets a question twice whose correct answer has been already given by him. But wrongly answered questions may be asked again.
5. With every correct answer, his/her points keep increasing.

This kind of quiz contest were popular some 5/6 years ago when there was not IPhone or other smart phones! Now a days, I hardly come across such contests. May be VAS ( Value Added Service) providers have run out questions or people are no longer interested in playing such contest on phone.

But, similar IVR applications seem to have come back again! But this time, this is not a contest, but few specific questionnaire on a product or service!

While interacting with few people, who are using such questionnaire on IVR, I have come to know about interesting benefits:-

They normally schedule such questionnaire to a person who has stayed in their hotel. While many people enter a phone number in their guest register, but there is no option to verify that number. So, as soon as the guest is checked out, IVR calls up that number and asks few questions about quality of room, services etc. I solves two purposes, it verifies that number and it gets some feedback for their services too which is very important for quality purpose.

In order to sweeten the IVR call, they offer some cash discount on their next stay in the hotel if the complete the questionnaire! They also get a report about these feedback properly which is useful for various analytical purposes.

Another questionnaire is used for screening candidates applying for a job. The IVR calls up the prospective candidate and asks related questions for the position where candidate is given multiple option to choose. The IVR gives giving points as per the option chosen by the candidate!

This IVR questionnaire act as an first line of screening and it also helps gauge if the candidate really want the job or not!

This is complete automated system where one gets back score of each candidate, hang up in between etc. It saves cost by reducing foot falls in the recruiters office as well as save time.

So, I think, quiz on IVR is back again and this time it has different applications and different usage! I also think, questionnaire on IVR could be applied in different industries where some processes could be automated!

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