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IVR System and Reverse Missed Call System

What is Reverse Missed Call ?

Missed call is being widely used now a days for polling, surveys etc. as it is one of the most cost affective solution with many information. Similarly, Reverse missed call can also be used to monitor appliances. Reverse missed call could be defined as a outbound IVR system which dials out pre-defined mobile numbers at regular intervals and stores information of ringing time and disconnect time. Based on this time, it decides a logic like on or off. For example, street light status.

While in missed call service, a person dials a number and a IVR system disconnects the call, here IVR systems dials out and either a person or a small GSM device disconnects the call, after number of rings. This number of rings is then recorded at IVR server for further processing.

How Reverse Missed Call can be used ?

Reverse Missed Call can be used to poll status of street light or traffic signal light. For example, a traffic police in a traffic light has a mobile phone which gets called by IVR system periodically. If the traffic police disconnects immediately after the phone rings, IVR System can assume that the traffic signal is working fine or its green. But if the phone rings out after 20 rings, the IVR System can assume that the traffic signal is not working fine and some human intervention is required or the traffic police is not at the site. IVR System can then in turn notify alerts, generate alerts as well as prepare MIS report.

This Reverse Missed Can also be automated for many other practical usage.

Benefits Of Reverse Missed Call

Telephone network has been widely spread out now a days. Reverse Missed Call can be used to build solution which can solve real life problems in cost effective way.

IVR Server can be located anywhere in the world ( or country ) and still monitor a traffic signal at distant location or city.

Usage of reverse missed call will reduce cost of manpower, increase efficiency of data collection.

We hope, very soon, we will start seeing implementation of reverse missed call!

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