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IVR Predictions for 2011

What IVR technologies or IVR applications would be hit in the year 2011 ? Here is a list of few IVR applications or IVR technologies that might see high usage as well wide acceptance among people!-

What IVR technology or Application will rule in year 2011 ?

1. IVVR ( Interactive Voice And Video Response)

With introduction of 3G technology in worlds most populous countries, India and China, IVVR should see wide application and deployment. I think, IVVR would be used in VAS ( Value Added Service) industry, customer care, virtual tour in hotel industry.

IVVR would also be used Tele-medicine in India as well as e-governance.

2. IVR in Payment

IVR would be increasingly used in phone banking as well as payment using phones. Recently, RBI ( Reserve Bank of India has introduced OTP ( one time password) valid for just one transaction for 30 minutes to 24 hours. So, the public confidence in payment using IVR might will increase. Many payment gateway providers are now trying to provide payment option using IVR with just a telephone call on the move.

3. Speaker Recognition

With increasing payment using IVR, speaker recognition technology will be used more and more. Most probably, this technology would be further developed. It has potential application in the field of electronic signature which will be used to identify a person digitally through phone.

4. Speech Recognition

With increasing usage of IVR in customer care as well as ‘self-help’ complaint management system, speech recognition usage as well as accuracy may increase in 2011!

5. IVR Hosting

Since many visual as well as online web-based tools are now available for IVR call flow designing, I think, IVR hosting will see increase in 2011. Presently, Click To Call is one service which is a hosted IVR service used by many people. Many people are also opting for hosted IVR solution in order to reduce initial capital investment as well as support.

6. Bulk Voice Call

Bulk Voice Call should see increase as well as competition in terms of per call pricing in 2011, specially in India. Reminder Service using voice call will also be used more and more.

These are the IVR applications which I think will be deployed and used by many people in the year 2011! I would like to hear from you too, so kindly leave a comment with your opinion!

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  • Tracy Clifford January 5, 2011, 12:43 am

    While I agree with most of your thoughts here, you simple left out IVR analytics. This is an area that is in desperate need of a solution, but has not been able to find it with traditional log or voice recognition based solutions. Please keep an eye on us for a revolutionary way to perform analytics on the end to end call in voice self service. It will come with a low investment, ease of management and quick ROI.

  • Uttam Pegu January 5, 2011, 1:04 pm

    Hi Tracy,
    Thank you for your valuable feedback.

    I agree that IVR analytic is going to be surely a big issue in coming years.

  • fngstore.com January 14, 2011, 7:06 am

    We are a leading florist in Delhi NCR and are exploring the idea of having a IVR payment system. Plz send the list of service providers based in Delhi, would be great help.



    • Ganesh August 4, 2011, 4:58 pm

      Dear Ajay,

      We are Voice Snap and based in Chennai. If you are still looking for a comprehensive system, do mail us at ganesh@voicesnap.net for your requirements and we will get in touch with you. You can visit us at http://www.voicesnap.com for more information about us. We have over 1000000 hours of call flows and more than 40 client applications (in bound and outbound) across various domains that we support.

  • Wallace February 1, 2011, 11:36 pm

    IVR have very huge market.Even host gator also using ivr system to call their customer around the world when their server or website was down or overload.It was cool because customer can get instant update about their website.
    But still a lot of company don’t know about how IVR can bring benefit for them.Everyone may not have internet but everyone is guarantee have mobile phone.This is why IVR have very potential to grow.
    Thanks for ivrsworld .com for great information.


  • Ganesh August 4, 2011, 4:54 pm

    Complately agree. Hosted IVR applications and solution design is where companies are moving towards to engage their customers smartly and creating more value added services to retain customers. The IVR service providers must add reporting dashboards and innovative analytics to stay on top of requirements. The rule of the game is to understand the customers business needs and design a solution rather than merely providing an automatic IVR.