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Grievance Redressal System and IVR

Registering and disposal of public grievances in a democratic welfare state should be top priority for any elected government. It may not be possible to monitor all public services by the state all the time, so in order to provider better services to citizens, an easily accessible and usable system for citizens to lodge a grievance and complaints should be in place. It will help citizen be part of governance as well as good monitoring system of the public utility services.

IVR ( Interactive Voice Response) System could be low cost, yet the easiest and most user-friendly, easily accessible system for any citizens to lodge grievances as well as complaints for any public utility services. While in India, IVR system has been put to use in Railways, Gas Booking System etc., usage of IVR in public grievance redressal system or complaint management system has not really taken off.

With push in Digital India by Indian PM Narendra Modi, most probably, it is time IVR finds its real use serving large number of people.

Now a days, almost everyone has mobile phone in India and even illiterate people can use a phone to make a call, receive a call, if not expert in using Apps in smartphone!

IVR, that uses, basic Keypress to interact with caller and language is no barrier as it can use any local language. Other competing technology like website, Mobile Apps etc. uses modern language which require the user to be completely literate. Apart from this, there is also a learning curve to start using a mobile App or websites.

Establishing an IVR based complaint management system is easily available now a days. Users can choose both hosted and on premise solutions available for their requirement.

While hosted Complaint management System is easier to get started with, but where there is requirement for data secrecy as well as secrecy, one should always go for on premise solutions. With better power situation, ever decreasing cost of power backup and better telephony connectivity, it has become much more affordable to have on-premise IVR based Complaint Management System.

Hope, in near future, we will see IVR based grievance management system or Complaint management system!

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