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Double Call Hunting in IVR : Interesting scenerio!

Call Hunting is a smart feature which are available in many high end PBXes. Call Hunting feature is mostly known as Line Hunting in PBX world which is a normally a group number. There is one group number which one dials and the call may land of any lines in that group depending on some algorithm.

Similarly, there are call hunting scenerios in call centre where there is one toll free number with multiple lines. Anyone calls to that toll free number may land on any number which are mapped to that toll free number. Typically, any toll free number is mappwed to a PRI line which has 30 channels or lines.

In the age of cloud telephony, call hunting has developed into many more complex scenerios. There are no longer grouping of just PRI lines or landline telephone number or even PBX extensions, but there mobile numbers from different operators which could be grouped together and hunted as per some algorithm.

In a virtual call center scenerio, agents are normal mobile numbers and can be at different cities while the toll free number could beterminated at cloud telephony service provider. In this scenerio, implementing a call hunt or line hunt is not easy using a simple PBX system. But with IVR System, this kind of hunting possible with ease.

Traditionally, the call hunting has been done once an incoming call is detected. But in clickcall service, two calls are initiated. Sometimes, agent are called first and website visitor or caller is called later once agent is connected. This is done to ensure that caller does not have to hold the line waiting to speak to an agent. So, call hunting is implemented in this case too and this hunting should be called as reverse call hunting as hunting is done prior to a call connect!

Apart fom traditional call hunting and “reverse call hunting”, there is a possibility of double call hunting! In a Click Call Scenerio, customer may enter his virtual number instead of his mobile number! In this case, hunting will be done on both sides, though by two different IVR systems! Is not it interesting ? Just a thought!

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