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Osidial IVR from Osimatic

Recently, I could test Osidial IVR platform, France using Diva Server on Windows XP machine. It was very good experience for me. Osidial is an IVR platform which provides GUI ( Graphical User Interface) to design voice applications using simple ‘drag and drop’ method. Most probably, this is one of the most stable and oldest IVR platform which has started 1990.


We prepared a completely new machine, installed Windows XP freshly. Then as per instruction from Osimatic, Mr. Jarek, we installed Diva Server 8.5 which has Soft IP in built. After that we installed Osidialsetup.exe. It was really easy to install, as it required nothing to configure!

Osidial IVR platform mainly consists two Application. Arbo WorkShop and OsiDial. Arbo Workshop is the GUI tool which is used to design IVR call flow as well as test offline ( without using any live telephone line, CTI boards etc.) The Arbo Workshop is also used to configure OsiDial options.

OsiDial can be configured easily to start with Windows as a Windows Service. It also has viewer to view all IVR activities live and online.

To test any call flow, Osidial, one does not need anything, any Dialogic Driver, CTI hardware or Telephone connection, EPABX. One just requires a Sound Card in the PC along with speaker. With this, one can test any IVR call flow designed using OsiDial Arbo WorkShop. It will pop up an Window with Telephone, which displays Telephone Icon ringing. As soon as Ringing Button is pressed, it plays the first menu, displays Telephone KeyPad which can be pressed using a mouse click as if a caller is pressing a telephone key!


So, testing and verifying call flow can not be easier or faster with OsiDial! Once the call flow is verified, the call flow could be easily configured to automatically be executed by OsiDial as soon as the machine starts.

OsiDial is a feature rich software that supports Dialogic analog and Digital boards, Diva Server, Pika boards. It has many useful configuration options like interruptibility menu playing, single or multiple DTMF, Automatic Speech recognition etc.

We could install and make it run in less than 15 minutes. I have found it to be very easy to install, configure and get it started. Anyone with basic computer and programming skill would be able to get it work in shortest possible time.

I think, this is very good IVR tool for small to large on premise IVR systems which can do Database look up as well as computation. This IVR toolkit is being used since 1990 and that itself is an great achievement. I have found Mr. Karciarz from Osimatic ( who has been kind enough to configure and run Osidial remotely using our PC in our office) very knowledgeable in IVR field overall, right from fine details of IVR and Telecom technologies, PBX products.

Well, I think OsiDial should have English Website! Also, OsiDial has some work to do in using API integration using HTTP. But, I think they have all technical capabilities to build these features in no time.

Anyone who wishes to test OsiDial evaluation version, may contact me, Or write directly to Mr. Jarek at : Karciarz@osimatic.pl

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  • Shubham March 16, 2011, 9:20 am

    How we develop IVR system and is there any alterlative of Voicent Gateway ?

  • Shivaprasad Karkala October 23, 2017, 3:25 pm

    I was searching for IVR solutions for our venture and came across Osidial. Can you please share more information as well as the infra requirements to setup a IVR system, along with pricing.


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