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Will Click to Call service replace Predictive Dialer ?

What is predictive dialer and what is Click To Call ?

Predictive dialer is such smart automatic telephone dialer system which dials out a telephone number from a list of telephone numbers in order to reduce holding time for both agent in call center as well as the person who is called from it. Though there are various techniques to implement predictive dialer, the basic aims remains same :-
1. Called party should not kept on hold;
2. Agent in call center should not waste time in hearing RBT ( Ring Back Tone) of the called number.

Click To Call and Predictive Dialer

Click To Call Service is a one to one conference where the called party ( as in above Predictive Dialer Definition) initiates the call and speaks to human agent immediately! So the immediate purpose of reducing wait period for both called party and agent is automatically achieved!

Now, does that mean that Click To Call service would (should) replace predictive dialer in order to maximize use of finite and costly resource like outbound telephone call charges as well as time of human agent ?

The first consideration is predictive dialer is not used just as a call back service where some user or web visitor will register their phone number (submit their phone number by filling up a form) expecting a call back from the website or some call center of the company who owns the web site.

Also, predictive dialer can dial from any phone list, not necessarily gathered from web site visitors, but also from off-line registrations, manual phone number collection, collecting phone numbers by door to door marketing etc., not to mention collecting of phone numbers when a user provides his phone number when registers for service, like a DTH ( Direct to Home) TV service, registering for credit card, bank account etc.

While click to call service essentially collects numbers from website visitors only. Apart from traditional Click To Call service, now a days, smart implementation of click to call where a call is imitated as soon as a web form is submitted website visitor, which acts as an additional feature of immediate call back service on an existing registration form! ( Niche Tech Service private Limited provides such customised Click To Call service. )

So, most probably, it will not be possible that Click To Call Service would replace predictive dialer!

Both Predictive Dialer and Click To call service can have options to choose the time when a person expects the call back from the website or call center.

Predictive dialer is also used to make scheduled outgoing calls which is not either standard function in a Click To Call service or available only at extra cost or when a Click To call service with IVR ( Interactive Voice Response) functionality! But now a days, many Click to Call service providers can provide complete IVR functionality or solution in a Click To Call service too.

So, a click to call system, along with smart and customizable IVR at the back end of it, can be surely a next generation of Predictive Dialer and can potentially dethrone it from future call center!

Another important point to consider is, predictive dialer can no longer be used to blast out calls to random numbers after strict implementation of “National Do No Call registry” ( NDNC) in order to stop unsolicited calls. Click To Call service facility eliminates the requirement NDNC registry before making calls. But then, spammers can surely misuse Click To Call!

I had posted about possibility of replacing predictive dialer with outbound IVR, and now I feel, and and IVR system with outbound feature and Click To Call functionality can surely replace aging predictive dialer and bring in cost saving as well as ‘Cloud Telephony’ in Call Center world!

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  • Apurva May 6, 2011, 12:37 pm

    This is so very true and as per customer convenience.
    The customer would be more than willing to listen to what the call center agent has to say.
    It would help to say on just about every resource required to establish a right party contact.
    It can be bettered by using SMS channel and sending a short keyword to get a call back.

    Only glitch I have observed is when the agents get busy and the call back requests keep flowing in. It generates a lag in customer’s mind and at times, a single customer clicks multiple times to generate multiple call backs (assuming that the first one did not generate any result).
    Is there a better way to handle this?

  • Meet Rathod May 7, 2011, 11:06 pm

    @ Apurva

    There is a way to calculate the approx time after which Agent shall be available, it could be displayed on User’s Screen like “you should expect a Call in 3 minutes, thanks for your patience’.

  • Hari Kumar May 2, 2012, 10:50 am

    Click to call dialers can be used to smartly route calls to available agents at a given time. Click to call products also make it possible for customers to call agent with just a click of a button even without knowing their number.
    In fact, click to call products can even route calls to devices on the IP network which makes it totally free of cost to use. The best part is that, many of the mobile devices of today like the Android Devices, iOS devices, tablets etc are compatible with IP and can be used to receive calls for free.

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