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How to benefit more from Bulk Voice Service?

Bulk Voice Calling has become quite popular to send out alert messages, information, updates by various service providers like Airlines, Hotel Reservations, Banks, Telecom Companies etc. Most of the time, these call are triggered at scheduled time to give an important information to a person. As a bulk voice messaging user, are you getting benefited more apart from being able to contest a clients claim by a passenger who has missed his flight because of rescheduling ?

Here are few tips for benefiting more from your bulk voice service :-

1. Inform from where the call is upfront

As soon as the called person picks up the person, greets him/her, and inform quickly from where the call is coming before announcing the important message from him. This will alert him quickly to listen to the message instead of surprising him. For example, if the voice message is about rescheduling of a flight, quickly inform that this call is from X airlines about important information about his booking. The person will be alerted enough to be attentive.

Instead, if voice message starts about the rescheduling of the flight or any other information, the person may take some time realise what the call is all about.

2. Do not retry quickly

If a call goes unanswered or disconnected after few rings, do not reschedule the call in quickly, say after 5 minutes or so. A person may discussion an incoming call for plenty of reasons. So, quick call again may irritate him/her. So, it is recommended that the rescheduling of an not-answered call should be after minimum 30 minutes.

3. Try to be short and quick

The information should be really short, quick and to the point. This will not only help the called party, but also the voice messaging user as it will cost less ( less usage time).

The repeat option or any confirmation key press option should be provided at the end of the message, not during start of the message.

4. Analyse the call report

Most bulk voice service providers have good online reporting system which allows users to analyse each and every calls. Analyse these reports for :-
a. Which number has disconnected during ringing
b. Rescheduled numbers
c. Check the call duration with message duration
d. If there was any feedback, how many have given feedback.
All these information will help you future bulk voice messaging campaign more effective and useful.

5. Get Feedback

Alaways try to get feedback from the called party for every call. The feedback could also be a simple confirmation key-press confirming future acceptance of similar calls, service quality etc. This will help you reduce unsuccessful calls, unanswered calls.

6. Always abide by NDNC ( National Do not Call) registry

Most of the countries maintain a NDNC numbers to where calls should not made. Please abide by this rule. Remember, since you do not abide by this rule and spam a person, the person may miss some other important messages in future, either from you or some other service providers. Ad because of this pesky calls, people dislike automated IVR messages!

So, it is a good practice to abide by NDNC rules.

So, hope you start following these tips and get more benefit out of your bulk voice messaging service!

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