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Dynamic Menu in IVR Systems

Normally, every IVR has menus to guide a caller through its options to get required information or browse through to reach a human agent. These menus are normally short, specific to caller requirement as the IVR system is intended for. While many IVR has fixed menus, “Dynamic IVR Menu” can be used to increase better caller experience while using an IVR Syestem.

What is Dynamic Menu
Dynamic IVR Menu can be defined as menus that changes as per information provided by the caller. The very first information a caller provides is its caller id. Using this information IVR can retrieve many information of the caller. For example, it can retrieve if the caller is an existing customer, if he has called earlier if he has some pending complaints etc.
With these kind of information, the menu of the IVR could be changed to address the concerns of the caller much faster and better way.

More specifically, if a caller is detected to be an old caller with say, pending complaints, he may be presented with completely a new menu, instead of main IVR menu which is presented to a new caller.

Apart from these, more advanced way of making dynamic menu would be to change priority of options presented in the menu. For example, in a main menu, key 1 is for lodging a complaint, key 2 is for status, key 3 is to check account balance. If a caller is found be to using option 3 ( key 3) maximum times in his last call records, he should be provided that option at 1, so that he does not need to hear out first two menu options.

Benefits of Dynamic IVR menu

Increase IVR usability

IVR usability will be increased as any caller may their required information much faster without having to listen to undesired menu options.

Fast self-service

With dynamic IVR menu, self service IVR can serve a caller much faster. It will increase efficiency and reduce cost of support for any company.

No wait time

Wait time will be reduced as every caller will finish his call much faster there by releasing calls much sooner.

Increase in efficiency
If the call history is presented to agent screen, efficiency of human agent may increase as it may understand callers requirement much faster.

Efficient use of telecom resources

Dynamic IVR menus can help more efficient use of telecom resources.

So, if your IVR does not use dynamic menus, it is time to redesign and upgrade your IVR System!

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