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IVR System for restaurants

With increasing urbanization as well as upwardly mobile families, eating out on weekends or even week days have become quite normal in India, creating requirement of booking for tables in any popular restaurants. Many restaurants now provide home delivery of food which is normally done over telephone.

IVR For Restaurants

IVR For Restaurants

So, IVR Systems can help restaurants automate many mundane processes of booking tables, taking orders which is being done manually over phone and save cost as well as increase efficiency. Here is how:-

1. IVR System will receive all incoming calls
A simple IVR System for Restaurant will receive all incoming calls, will never miss any call or no caller will ever get a busy tone. This will not only help brand building, but also help increase sales immediately.

2. IVR can accept home delivery order

Restaurant IVR can accept an order from clients either by prompting it to menu items of the restaurant or simply asking client to record a voice message of his order with any details/address of delivery. This recorded voice then can be heard by some executive and make return call to confirm the order details.

3. Reporting of Calls

Management can view all incoming calls for a week, a month and analyze how calls were treated or converted to sales. This will help identify popular menu items, improve services and increase restaurant sales.

4. Build Loyal Customers from Callers

Over the period, IVR System can generate a list of phone numbers of loyal customers a who have been ordering repeatedly and customer who has ordered just once. This data will help improve restaurant’s food quality, get genuine feedback.

5. Promotion of special menu/Discount

With list of callers, smart listing can be built depending on food ordered and this list could be used as a target group for particular new menu. This will also help continuously improve upon restaurant menu. This will be very helpful to be ahead of competition.

6. Table Reservation

IVR System can be used to book tables in advance and it can be totally automated where no visitors would be kept waiting or turned back. This will increase customer satisfaction and help build restaurant brand.

7. Single Number for chain of restaurants

Single number for many outlets of same restaurant chain will help customers remembering the telephone number for ordering food for home delivery or advance table booking. IVR System can auto route depending on caller ID to the nearest restaurant or confirm with options. And it can also accommodate customer at a table at different outlet of the same restaurant nearest to customer. This kind of automation can help restaurants reduce cost as well.

So, IVR System can help restaurants reduce cost, increase efficiency and help improve service and food quality.

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  • Arun Mishra December 7, 2015, 11:22 am

    Looking for an cheap but effective IVR solution for appointment booking for my plolyclinic.

    Arun Mishra

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