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IVR Software for Hospital

IVR Software has many applications in medical field. While IVRS has been used quite effectively and efficiently in Medical Research field already, IVRS can be used in a Hospital too. IVR Software works 24 hours a day and that is one of the major advantage of IVRS.
Hospitals involve many routine and mundane procedures which can be replaced by an intelligent IVR Software quite effectively. In fact, using IVR Software might increase the utilization of resources as well and increase efficiency and better output for the hospital. Here is a list of Tasks that can be done with a IVR Software for Hospitals:-

1. Initial Patient Admission Screening and Scheduling
Initial procedures or routine inquiries can be handled effectively by IVR Software, like referring to right department and consulting doctor. It can also provide scheduled consultancy time with doctor on a phone so that the patient may avoid waiting in the hospital.

2. Test reports

Test reports can be made available to consultant doctors immediately by a outbound call as soon as test is complete. It will increase efficiency and lead to consultant doctor take decision quicker.

3. Resources Allocation
Using IVR Software, resources can be allocated efficiently. For example, X-RAY room. Any one requiring X-RAY cn lodge a request through IVR Software and outbound call will alert when it is available.

4. Poll and Advertising
Hospitals can provide information about its facilities, services through its IVR Software to callers from any telephone number. It can also do outbound calls and conduct polls, gather feedback from previous patients.

5. Patient Records
Patient records can be maintained through IVR Software. Dispensing medicines, accessing various test reports as per patient id can be performed by IVR Software.

In fact, many hospital procedures can be automated using IVR Software. IVR Software can be integrated with any existing Hospital Management software and can be used as voice portal for the Hospital.

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  • dr.prakash March 1, 2011, 4:39 pm

    i m going to set up a hospital in patna,forthis send ur hospital software details.&service maintainence details&price information.

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