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IVR for Celebrities

With evolution of social media like Twitter and Facebook Fan page, it has become easy for celebrities in various fields to connect with their fans. While some fields, connecting with fans may not be important or necessary, but celebrities in the fields like Cinema, Music,TV serials, literature, connecting with fans is an important PR exercise to keep their fans engaged as well as well informed!

Celebrity IVR to connect with fans

How IVR can be used ?

IVR ( Interactive Voice Response System) can be used to where fans would be given a number to call and listen to news, greetings by the celebrity. The IVR can have options to record fan messages in voice too. This could be a simple inbound IVR, even on hosted IVR platform with original voice greetings from the celebrity.

There could be an option to listen to latest news or breaking news section where some important or immediate update about the celebrity could be stored to be heard by any caller.

The IVR could also be used to collect feedback from fans about new releases, or any activity by the celebrity. This kind of feedback could be very informative for the celebrity or her teams to get public sentiment and than strategise next performances.

Outbound IVR could also be used for campaigning any cause endorsed by the celebrity. With inbound IVRs, it can build up huge phone numbers which could be utilised to any kind of promotion or campaign.

What are the benefits ?

Since fans will listen original voice of the celebrity, IVR could be more “emotional as well as personal” kind of communication between the celebrity and her fans. So, IVR could make fans more loyal to the celebrity!

In a market like India where mobile penetration is much higher than internet, Radio or news paper, IVR seems to be better suited medium to connecting with fans for celebrities. By recording phone numbers using caller ID, one can build a database of loyal fans.

Using these recorded phone numbers, a targeted campaigning could be mounted for new launch of albums by singer, new movie release by film stars or release of new book by a writer, or even merchandise.

Fans will be able to dial the IVR number any time in the day, listen to her voices of her favourite star, leave message. It will make them feel important and make the celebrity more accessible to her fans.

Hosted IVR or On Premise IVR ?

Hosted IVR solution seems to be a better model for any kind of celebrity IVR as it will allow professionals to handle the technical nuances of running IVR! The contents could be uploaded by he celebrity using the same IVR over a phone. Or it could be done by her team using simple web interface.

So, after Twitter and Facebook, IVR could be another medium for celebrity to connect with their fans! It would gread if anyone shares their experience of calling any celebrity IVR!

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  • chetan March 8, 2011, 8:09 am

    A nice use of the IVR.Celebrities could also just use Twitter and Facebook to provide voice updates and connect with their fans.For example using http://www.kookoo.in/twittervoice and http://www.kookoo.in/voicebuzz

  • Anamul November 14, 2012, 9:54 am

    I have found that mgreet IVR is good idea to greet friends and family, Is there any way , i can get the IVR flow for that. mgreet.in
    I am from Bangladesh so i can get to the flow from here.

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