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Hosted IVR solution for Medical Emergencies

Almost everyone is aware of IVR ( Interactive Voice response System) being used to listen information over phone as well as lodging complaints about utilities. Recently, NTS (IVR Service provider in India) has implemented an interesting hosted IVR solution for Find My Info International, where vital information about a person running into an medical

Find My Info - Using IVR for Medical Emrgencies

emergency can be retrieved by dialing an IVR number by medical attendant or any good Samaritan who is helping the person just by using phone!

This is an web based simple application which helps people organise their critical information so that it can be retrieved by logging to website or dialing a phone which ever is available. Find My Info provides wearable accessories like pendent, wristband which are engraved with CODE and PIN unique tot that individual along with the IVR number and website address. This CODE and PIN can be used to retrieve vital medical information of the individual.

The IVR service is provided by NTS on its hosted platform which accesses information from Find My Info server using secure and encrypted API online in real time. The caller has to call the number, enter the CODE and PIN and the corresponding critical medical information like blood group, emergency contact number along with relation.

Find My Info Accesories

The caller has also an option to download the information to his mobile number, in case he is dialing from a mobile.

As Find My Info describes, “increasing number of people need to go out of the home for work, study, business, leisure or other activities for short or prolonged periods. As soon as you leave home, you become vulnerable, and start to deal with many unwanted and unfavourable situations, knowingly or unknowingly, out of your instincts – all by yourself.

Unfortunate emergency situations may suddenly come in your way, externally or internally, impairing your ability to communicate to others – who are trying to assist. Accidents, sudden medical conditions may strike even to the most healthy and diligent person – while our children, adventurous youngsters, elderly loved-ones, and family members with physical or mental impairment have greater vulnerability. We cannot emphasize less, the invaluable benefit of this service to reunite lost children with their families.”

This is very useful IVR application as well as unique service where IVR is playing a role of life saver!

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  • shailendra March 6, 2011, 12:48 am

    ivrs for medical service is very good, i think we can make doctor’s appointment system on ivr, i have the call flow….

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