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Guarding Security Guards using IVR

There are many interesting hosted IVR ( Interactive Voice Response) applications which are used daily for completing various tasks. Once such interesting hosted IVR application is “Guarding the Security Guards” which are employed at ATM ( Automatic Teller Machine), gates at Bungalows, building, banks night and day.

Guarding Security Guards with an IVR

While during day, these guards perform their their duties well, but at night they also tend to sleep when there is no crowd, noise or anyone to supervise them! It is a human nature to fall asleep when lying idle! But with a simple outbound IVR alert system (either hosted or on premise), these guards can be kept alert as well as keep monitoring them automatically!

The system is fairly simple:-
1. Every guards is given either a land phone or a mobile phone.
2. IVR would call them up at night in every hour or 30 minutes, and tell them a random number which they have to punch back again. If the guard is sleeping or not alert, he will not be able to listen carefully, and punch in the correct numbers.
3. The IVR will store the random number generated and response from the security guard and prepare a report daily.
4. Other reports like, time taken to pick up call, disconnect in between the call can also be recorded.
5. This system can even generate alert if a particular security guard does not respond 2/3 calls continuously for manual inspection.

Benefit of this Guarding Security Guards by IVR:

1. This is an complete automatic system where no human intervention is required.
2. It helps security guards to remain alert all the time during their duty hours.
3. It will be able to detect any abnormality quickly and efficiently.

Only disadvantage system might be the outgoing call cost as well as annoyance of the guard! But the call cost can be reduced with on-premise solutions using local PBX. Call cost can also be reduced with CUG( Closed User Group) schemes provide by many telecom operators.

This is system which would be able to reduce complaint of sleeping security guards! So, if you avail services of security guards, or if you own a security agency, this is one alert service you must have!

In India, Niche Tech Services (P) Limited offers this “guarding security guards” service both hosted or on-premise model at and affordable rates.

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  • sangram November 4, 2011, 3:25 pm

    very nice…….

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