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Tringo.in: More than Bulk Voice Service

Niche Tech Services Private Limited, Udaipur based hosted IVR Service provider, has recently launched its own hosted bulk voice messaging service with www.tringo.in and joined the band of numerous bulk voice service providers in India! So, when I spoke to Ankit Bhargava, Director Marketing of Niche Tech Services, my first question was, how is it different from hundreds of the market ?

TRINGO.IN : Hosted Voice Messaging Service

He replied that, Tringo is not just another bulk voice service provider, neither our aim is to provide just outbound voice calls for spamming telephone owners! We aim to reduce peoples perception about voice calls as another form of marketing spam calls which started with SMS.

Here is the email conversation with Ankit Bhargava:-

IVR World: Do you think you have started late as there are many bulk voice messaging service provider alreay there ?

Ankit Bhargava: Yes, we may be little late in introducing a dedicated website for outbound voice messaging service, but we have always been providing outbound voice message service to our clients for long time now. Also, as per my knowledge, there are not many voice message providers in India who have their own infrastructure. There are many who are just resellers with white level reseller panel. We have invested in our own hardware, software and PRI lines with redundancy from several telecom operators.

IVR World: How do you position yourself in this competitive voice messaging market in India ?

Ankit Bhargava: We do not see ourselves as “just another bulk voice call provider”, but a customised messaging service to broadcast crucial messages quickly with delivery reports. We do not just dial out a phone number and play a WAV file, but we discuss with our clients what is the purpose of this voice message and how it can be more effective in conveying the message. So, we put more emphasis on ‘conveying the message at the right time’ and a proper reporting system to our clients. We also keep our clients informed how we keep channels dedicated for instant call out for voice messages which are required to be conveyed instantly.

IVR World: What are pricing ? Do you give discount for requirement for bigger number of calls ?

Ankit Bhargava: We have a simple pricing, you pay Rs. 1000 and get 500 minutes of free usage, 50 paisa per MOU and the other is you pay Rs. 2000/- and get free usage of 1000 MOU, and 50 paisa for additional usage per MOU. We calculate MOU as 30 second pulse. We do not give any discount for bigger number of calls. Actually, one must understand that, in order to cater bigger number of calls, one requires larger number of PRI lines which requires huge investment in term of CTI hardware, PRI lines. So I do not think it is logical to offer discount on for bigger number of calls. Voice calls are made sequentially and we charge only for successful calls. Even though resources are used for just dialing out. Consider a situation when a called party does not pick the call, our IVR allows ring out which takes 20 seconds for the ring out and the channel remains busy for that much of time and we do not charge our client for such usage!

So that is how TRINGO.IN plans to serve its client and claims itself to be different from any other bulk voice providers in India.

If you have launched any IVR related new product, you may contact us for an email conversation here at Contact Page!

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