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Microsoft Bought Skype : New Voice market may emerge

Microsoft Corporation, the veteran company, leader ( almost monopoly) in PC operating system has bought Skype, the voice call provider on internet ( peer to peer Skype account as well as any telephone to Skype account and vice versa ).

Microsoft Acquires Skype : New Voice Apps

This acquisition by Microsoft is the biggest in terms of value ( US$8.5 billion in cash) till today. Recently, Microsoft has also tied with Nokia where Microsoft Windows OS would be used in Nokia smartphones. Nokia has lost out in the smartphone section in Mobile Phone industry while though it is maintaining its leadership position is entry-level handsets, but it is being challenged by price-warrior companies in India by Spice, Micromax etc. many companies. So, acquisition of Skype by Microsoft may affect not only in “Internet Voice Calls” but also in Smartphone market.

How merging Skype into Microsoft may affect IVR industry ?

Immediate word that may come after Skype acquisition by Microsoft to any IVR professional would be XML! Would Miccrosoft now allow its MSXML 6.0 to control all Skype functions like call initiate, call hangup, call control, not only for voice but also for its video conferencing ?

If it does so, than we may experience many interesting changes the way we have been creating call flow of IVR, IVVR etc.

CTI manufacturers have been making CTI boards supporting Asterisk, the open source Telephony Software so far, but now, they may start manufacturing CTI boards in future directly supporting MSXML for building rich voice and video application eying the 170million Skype users ( growing at 40% Year over Year).

So, we hope the acquisition of Skype by Microsoft seems exciting for IVR World!

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