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IVR Software after SMS price hike in India

Bulk SMS ( Short Messaging Service) price has been hiked in India recently to almost Rs 0.38 per SMS which was other wise only Rs. 0.15. This price range is not absolute, but indicative as the present price of per SMS ranges from Rs. 0.70 to Rs. 0.38, depending upon the minimum quantity purchased.

This price of Rs. 0.38 almost brings the cost of the SMS to the level of voice call which is around Rs. 0.40 for a 30sec usage. So, it seems, this steep price rise in SMS in India may see increase in usage of bulk voice calling using IVR software in near future. Presently, many companies were using SMS heavily for many alerts as well as promotional messages. With this price hike, we have experienced reduction of promotional SMS already!

As outbound IVR software provides an alternative alerting system in voice, this may gain popularity among many users. Many people were opting for SMS which used to cost less earlier and was much easier to use. Just type few text and press a button to send out mass alerts.

But now, this advantage of cost is gone. Also, bulk voice message providers like Tringo ( powered by IVR Software provider in India, Niche Tech Solutions Private Limited), using a voice messaging system has become much easier and cost effective. Many bulk voice providers now offer easy uploading of Audio Files, Phone List building. Tringo even offers facility where one can just dial a number, record and message and send out the recorded message to a phone list!

Most probably, many people may now even opt to have their own voice messaging system at their premise it self. One can easily build their own using a four port analog CTI board, and IVR software. With many RAD tools for developing IVR software like VBVoice, Glorsoft etc., one can easily build their own outbound IVR Software for bulk voice calling.

With availability of cloud telephony platform like Kookoo, Aculab in India, one may build their own bulk voice system without investing in any hardware, but just paying for the usage.

So, SMS price hike may create opportunities for IVR Companies in India!

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  • sms5 November 23, 2012, 11:15 am

    Yes, the sms service charges are very heigh so most of the people interested to choose Bulk SMS Services , cheap sms services and Transactional sms services.

  • chris November 29, 2012, 12:37 pm

    Opening for Director position for leading Product development company for Bangalore location
    Role : Technical Director
    Experience required – 14 – 18 yrs
    Exposure to WebServices/Portal development.
    Expertise in IVR (Interactive Voice Response) related development
    Exposure to HTML5/Flex GUI development.
    Expertise in VoIP technology (Good understanding of SIP is a must)
    Expertise in C++ and Java development.

    If you are interested do mail me your profile to chris@blackwhite.in
    If you are not interested, do let me know if any of your friends are interested for this position .

    Thank you

  • Vijay Sharma January 21, 2013, 5:24 pm

    So I have a natural worry around this as well. Though SMS cost has gone up, Voice calls cost is still more or less equal to a voice or IVR call (as the end customer will pick up the call).

    And with the DND rule of not calling DND numbers according to TRAI still applying, making outbound calls would still be difficult right?

    Just discussing since its a topic we face issues with everyday as well, but we at Exotel have kept things much at a legal safe side for ourselves and for our customers.

    Our customers who use Exotel (www.exotel.in) are allowed to do Outbound IVR calls to their customers and Promo-Tele Marketing calls as well. Written a bit on that as well – http://exotel.in/blog/promotional-tele-marketing-calls/

  • sushant January 12, 2016, 10:28 am

    i am in need of IVR to setup a call center. 4 or more channels, i don know the price please help me.

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