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IVR market down by 27%: T3i latest research report

According to latest research by T3i group, global IVR shipment has decreased whopping 27% in first half of 2009 as compared to the first half of 2008. Top 10 IV vendor, which supplied 630,000 IVR ports in first half of 2008, could reach only 230,000 in the same period.

Genesis, Nortel and Convergys topped first three positions in terms of number of ports shipped while Avaya, Nortel and Genesis occupied first three positions in terms of revenue. Few facts about global IVR market scenario in “InfoTrack for Converged Applications First Half 2009 IVR Market Report” :

1.Almost 79% of all IVR ports shipped in 1H09 support VoiceXML (VXML) versus a proprietary standard. T3i Group expects that by 2013, 95% of IVR ports shipped will support VXML. VXML enables Web sites to offer the same text-based applications, such as order entry, with speech recognition.

2. More than half of all IVR ports support incoming call handling for contact centers. Inbound self-service transactions and outbound calling, such as appointment confirmations, collections reminders and repair notifications, are the next two most widely used applications.

3. DTMF “analog voice” port shipments are declining, while shipments of speech ports, which recognize speech or convert text to speech, will hold an almost 2:1 advantage by 2013.

“The conventional wisdom is that, during economic downturns, contact centers turn to IVR to reduce costs and maintain customer service levels while decreasing usage and growth of live agents,” noted Ken Dolsky, Program Director for T3i Group’s “InfoTrack for Converged Applications” program. “The results of our global studies show this trend has not been as strong as expected. When the economy imploded so did customer purchases of both types of solutions.”

For more information about the “InfoTrack for Converged Applications First Half 2009 IVR Market Report,” including a table of contents, go to http://www.telecomweb.com/marketresearch/convergedapps/ or contact Bonnie Fairbrother (bfairbrother@t3igroup.com, 973/602-0181) or Craig Born (cborn@t3igroup.com, 973-602-0133).

About T3i Group LLC

T3i Group LLC provides market research, data, analysis, and consulting and advisory services to the telecommunications industry. It has clients in 46 countries and conducts its business through four operating units: InfoTrack publishes reports that analyze shipment, revenue, market share and other pertinent data of importance to telecommunications equipment manufacturers; TelecomTactics maintains a database of the features and functionality of major telephony systems; Tarifica maintains a database of pricing-related information covering 400 telecommunications carriers operating in 130 countries; and TelecomWeb (www.t3igroup.com) serves as T3i Group’s primary delivery mechanism for distributing its reports, analyses and data to subscribers.

T3i Group LLC is headquartered in Parsippany, N.J., with additional offices in New York City; London, England; and Cherry Hill, N.J.

Press Contact: Debra Baker, 301/905-7703

Source : Press Release here.

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