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IVR for social cause

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is being used in many fields, and it has also been used in social sectors too. One such example was surveying Mid Day meal scheme in India’s populous state Uttar Pradesh. Apart from this, there have also been usage of IVR in mass awareness campaign about various government schemes, services.

IVR in Grivance Redressal by NGOs

These services were normally alert type service where outbound IVR is used which dials out phone numbers and plays a recorded message. Centre for People’s Forestry, an NGO ( Non Government Organisation), based in Secundrabad, Andhra Pradesh in India has started an inbound IVR where tribal people in central India living in forest areas can lodge a complaint or message by calling the IVR number!

This is a simple inbound IVR which they are hosting with Niche Tech Services Private Limited, an established IVR hosting service provider in India.

Here, any one can dial the IVR number which prompts in four languages, Odiya, Telegu, Hindi and English. And this IVR is mainly aimed at Telegu and Odiya speaking tribes in central India. These tribes have been living in this forested central areas for centuries before these forests became ‘reserved forests’. Some time they face hardships and Centre for People’s Forestry has been working to address their grievances. In order to get news about their grievances, CPF has set up this inbound IVR.

Steps to use this IVR :-

1. Anyone will dial the IVR, he would be asked to choose his language.
2. Once the language is chosen, she is asked to speak her grievance and disconnect.
3. The recorded voice is then immediately emailed to concerned CPF ( Centre For Poeple’s Forestry) as well as an SMS alert is sent.
4. CPF personals can also visit website provided by Niche Tech Services (P) Ltd to listen to this message online as well as other call logs.

CPF personal then can call up the phone number who recorded the message, verify the complaint and take up the issue with state authorities for remedial actions!

Advantage of this IVR is lodging a complaint in his/her own voice by just making a call. Lodging a complaint by phone from distance is easy and less intimidating, specially for illiterate tribes.

CPF now gets any complaints instantly and serve people better with timely intervention. This may increase faith in them by poor tribal people.

This kind of simple complaint lodging inbound IVR could also be used by CVC ( Central Vigilance Commission) India, Women Police Stations, Help Centres, Trauma centres etc. to help victims.

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