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Interesting Hosted IVR Application : IVR Bible Portal

NTS ( Niche Tech Services Private Limited), Udaipur, India based IVR company has launched an interesting IVR portal for Christ Gen Media, a Trivendrum ( Kerala, India) based which broadcast Bible on IVR in both English and Malayalam on 1st Aug 2010. The solutions is hosted in NTS IVR Environment in Udaipur and the application has been commissioned in less than 6 weeks time, as per web post in NTS website.

The “IVR Bible Portal” works on two modes, callers dial the Bible Number and gets connected to the IVR portal and in the other mode, caller dials the IVR number, gets disconnected, and then IVR calls him/her back! The call back is quite unique feature where caller may listen to IVR Bible Portal free of cost.

The Bible IVR portal has many options:-

1. Caller can hear the complete Bible, Old and New Testament by book number and chapter wise.

2. Caller can listen to Christian Devotional Songs, both in English and Malayalam.

3. Caller can listen to daily devotional song, daily sermon, daily Bible lesson which are updated daily.

As per NTS sources, the IVR Bible Portal has generated more than 2000 calls in 3 days and more than 12 thousand minutes of usage with as many calls. Christ Gen Media sources informs that, they will be introducing six more languages options in this Bible Portal including Hindi, Tamil very soon.

Most probably, this is an unique usage of IVR.

About NTS :
NTS specialise in Hosted out of Box IVR based Applications

About Christ Gen Media :

Christ Gen Media is Christian Media Ministry

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