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How future IVR could use HD Voice

HD Voice ( Wideband Audio) is now reality thanks to three major developments in telephony industry. They are :-
1. 3G network is now widely available in many places in world.
2. Smartphone with HD Voice support is affordable, priced low under US$100.
3. 4G Network are also available now a days with many smart-phones supporting 4G.

HD Voice Usage in Future IVR

HD Voice Usage in Future IVR

Apart from that, cost for data services in wireless devices have gone down in recent times. So it can be expected that HD Voice would be a regular feature in future telephony and it would also have positive developments in IVR industry. I feel, such development will take place in speech recognition area.

1. Use of Voice command will increase

With HD Voice, it is likely that accuracy of speech recognition will increase many fold, finally it will reach accuracy level usable in practical applications. It will also be able to deal with many accents and work well in diverse countries like India.

2. Language Translation on the fly

With HD voice, most probably, language translation might become a reality! Caller A from France would call up a call center based in India who would reply to queries in English and caller A will get to listen in French!

Or two country heads would speak to each other in phone in their state language without any human interpreter!

This might take long time, but HD Voice will surely open such possibility in future, I hope. And if it happens, most probably, it would be next VAS ( value Added Service) for telecom operator world wide!

Apart from above two, HD Voice may spawn many interesting voice applications in banking, defence and other industries.

So lets hope HD Voice will open doors to many exciting voice applications in future!

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  • Satyendra October 4, 2014, 3:54 am

    Two country heads would speak to each other in phone in their state language without any human interpreter! is a great concept even common people also speak to each other with this technology ! so all the best for this new VAS.

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