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Benefit of IVR with Siri in IPhone 4S

Siri, the new IPhone 4S feature has created quite a buzz around the globe among smart phone users! Actually, this new feature can be thought as a natural progress in mobile phone industry, from keyboard input, touch input, audio or video file stored from a host, and now a voice input to get things done by the phone! For example, using Siri, one can get few things done like :-

How Siri in IPhone will Help IVR

1. Call 911 ( or 100 in India) for police emergency!
2. Send text message by speaking.
and many more including searching restaurant nearby for you when you are hungry!

So, how does it affect IVR industry ?

I am very happy with this development of introduction of “Siri type application” in Apple SmartPhone! Recently, SmartPhones have been doing things which were also done by IVR with a phone call ( retrieve information quickly).

How Siri will help IVR ?

I hope, Siri will introduce concept of “Audio Menu” in masses and people will be receptive to the idea of listening to audio menus to learn things and perform task. Having to listen to audio menu has been one of the most hated thing about IVR. Siri type application help people realise its importance and usefulness in getting things done!

Many people have complained ( ridiculed) about having to speak to machines! Siri application in iconic Apple IPhone does the same, it gets a person to speak to his phone, except that the phone is not connected! So, with wide acceptance of Siri, people will stop ridiculing about having to speak to machine using IVR. I hope this will help in speaker recognition, IVR Payment gateway etc.

With speaker recognition technology finding usage now a days, we hope SIRI will also help about IVR being used as digital signature for identity verification.

Finally, more people would be now involved in developing and training voice recognition engines and hope it will become more accurate in noisy environments. Also speaker recognition in IVR would be more used in verifying identities of callers.

So, I am hoping with introduction of Siri in Apple IPhone, Android Based Phones will also have some really smart Applications for accepting voice input!

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