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Is IVR pricing right in India?

I often hear about how IVR solutions are priced high by customers and while I get to hear about how IVR solutions are priced low by representatives from IVR Companies. I also get to hear that, thanks to many low cost CTI boards from China, there is no ‘margin’ in selling CTI boards.

As IVR solutions have moved from on-premise to Hosted IVR Service in a cloud, there has been lot of competition among hosted IVR service providers.

I think, IVR solution pricing is not right in India. IVR is has wide application across industries to automate voice communication. It can also act as lead capturing, lead authenticate tool. But I feel, most of the time, IVR solutions are priced as a product based solely on input costs like CTI cards, PRI lines, IVR software, bandwidth instead of its utility and how it can generate revenue for an organisation.

Comparing with IVR solutions in India and in other developed market like in USA, the price of IVR solutions in India will be at least 5 times cheaper.

Many people consider deploying IVR Systems prohibitively costly in India while overlooking automation services, convenience it offers.

With IVR hosting service, even a simple vanilla type IVR Application, Virtual Receptionist, provides many automation, reporting which was not possible even with a dedicated manpower.

I would surely like to hear about pricing strategies from IVR companies in India and hear from them why IVR solutions are priced so low though its usefulness is immense!

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