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Using IVR has increased efficiency: IVR Case Study

The other day I had a discussion with Ankit Bhargava, a destination wedding planner and a online travel consultant about his experience with using Hosted IVR Solutions. He had started using Hosted IVR Solution for his business around six months ago after I advised and explained him about few benefits of using IVR in his business.

I was very happy to hear his good feedback about using IVR in his travel business. And I thought I would share his experience here:-

What hosted IVR System he has been using ?

Ankit manages websites of few hotels and take care of their online bookings. He has been using a simple hosted IVR with SMS integration. He has taken few phone numbers numbers which is forwarded to a IVR hosted at his vendor. As soon as the call comes, the IVR checks the office time. If it is in office time, the call is answered and connected to his sales executive. He has put the different IVR
numbers in reservation page of every websites

For example, his hotel A has a reservation page has different number than the reservation page of Hotel B. And he has mapped 2 sales executives hotel reservation page. For example, as soon as an web visitor or any client calls Hotel A, the call would always go to Executive 1. If Executive 1 does not pick up the call, or disconnects, the call will go to Executive 2. And if Executive 2 also fails to answer, the IVR goes to voice mail system. As soon as the call ends ( either connected or went to voice mail), an SMS ( Short Messaging Service) alert goes to the executive whoever has attended the call. Or to the supervisor if the call went to voice mail ( optional which he has not activated). If the call wa sin “Out Of Office Time”, the caller gets out of office warning and option to leave a voice message. But at the same time, Executive 1 will receive an SMS alert with the caller ID, hotel name.

Ankit has a web panel to login and view complete call record, its status day/month wise. Every call, either attended or unanswered are recorded as per hotel with date and time stamp.

Problems he had earlier when he did not have the this IVR:

1. He had no record of incoming inquiries and no data to follow up. He could not monitor efficiency of his sales executive.

2. Since he manages others hotel, he could not provide them numbers of inquries by phone calls to the hotel owners. And what is the conversion ratio for a period of time.

3. He did not have transparent criteria for appraisals of his sales executive.

With this IVR in place, he solved all above problems. He now has all records of calls which he can get followed up, monitor remotely.

He has nice report to show his clients ( hotel owner) with numbers of telephonic inquiries per month along with conversion which is way higher than their inquiries and conversion ratio.

He can show the conversion rate, number of attended calls by each and every sales executive and could link their incentives. This has resulted efficiency and healthy competition to perform among his sales team.

Ankit can be contaced in his website here and his IVR service can be checked here. He has subscribed his IVR hosting service from Niche Tech Solutions Private Limited.

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  • Sriram September 9, 2015, 3:43 pm

    Nice article

  • Karthik May 7, 2017, 7:43 am

    What is the latest on this IVR.. pl share link

  • manoj February 13, 2018, 5:58 am

    IVR is an awesome technology innovation. so helpful in tracking and managing customers. its helpful for most business.

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