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Smart IVR for Call Center – A Case Study

Recently, I commissioned a IVR Software in a call center in India. I have gone through a good learning process about not only Call Center, but also how IVR can be used smartly to serve customers better, solve customer problems at shortest possible time as well as minimizing call agent intervention!

My client is a ISP (Internet Service Provider) as well as Cable TV operator. They have large subscriber base with almost 10000 calls to the call center a day with calls ranging from customer complaint, inquiry for cable TV connection, internet connection. They had existing CRM software and they were trying to augment their call center with smart IVR Software which could integrate with existing CRM software for lodging complaint and generate complaint ticket, retrieving existing complaint status as well as retrieving officer in charge for rectifying the complaint and expected arrival time at his premises. The IVR was also expected to make outbound calls as soon as a complaint is rectified and customer had option to close if the complaint is resolved successfully or re-lodge the complaint if not resolved to his satisfaction.

One more part was to send an SMS informing the complaint has been rectified if customer has a mobile number stored in its customer record. Also SMS intimation along with complaint ticket number generated by IVR system as soon as call is disconnected from IVRS.

We used Dialogic D300 boards and ISDN protocol. The total Call Center Software consisted of IVR, Voice Logger, ACD ( Automatic Call Distribution), IVR Triggered Agent Screen Capture Module, SMS (Short Messaging Service) Module and MIS ( Management Information System).

So, using this smart IVR Application, a customer could do the following without having to talk to call agent :-

1. Lodge a complaint, get a complaint ticket as his service like internet or cable TV. Complaint ticket is read out to him through IVR instantly as well as expected rectification time.
2. He gets an SMS alert as soon as complaint has been lodged which he can use for checking complaint status in future.
3. While checking complaint status, he could escalate his complaint if he was not satisfied with the status.
4. He could lodge an inquiry about new connection with inquiry number.

So mainly, with this smart IVR with integration with existing CRM, a caller could get a complaint rectified without having to talk to any call agent. This has increased efficiency of call agents as well as improved rectification time for any complaints.

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