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Pill Remainder System using outbound IVR

Few days ago, I had posted about using IVR ( Interactive Voice Response) System in mission critical operation in underground mining operation. Continuing int he same line, there is another interesting IVR application which is useful in our day to day life and can prove to be life saving at times! That is IVR based automatic pill reminder service.

In short, automatic Pill reminder service is essentially an outbound IVR which is capable of dialing out programmed phone number of the patient at programmed time automatically without any manual intervention. When the call is connected, it will play a recorded message and then wait for confirmation whether the patient has taken the medicine or not. When the patient dos not respond the call or confirm the medicine taken, IVR will raise an alarm either by sending an email or SMS to medical staff responsible for the patient’s hospital so that some manual intervention can be taken immediately depending on the severity of the timely medicine!

This kind of automatic pill reminder service can be hosted or on premise IVR system. In India, Niche Tech Services (P) Ltd offers both on premise as well as hosted IVR based automatic pill reminder service.

Few essentials in pill reminder services are :-

1. It should support different language for different patients

The IVR should be able to play messages in different languages so that save IVR system could be used to alert many patients.

2. It should be be able to record response from patient

The pill reminder service should be able to accept some response either DTMF ( Dual Tone Multi Frequency) press or automatic speech recognition. Automatic Speech recognition ( ASR ) may work well since it will just need YES or NO response from the patient.

3. It should provide alarms

The IVR should be capable of raising an alarm to concerned doctor or medical supervisor responsible for the patient immediately if the patient fails to respond to the pill reminding call or respond about the medicine taken in negative. Timely intervention by a medical supervisor may prove to be life saving exercise at times.

4. It should have MIS

The system should be able to provide patient wise, call wise MIS ( management information system) so that complete medical history for the patient could be organised. It should also store all responses by the patient.

Having IVR based pill reminder system offers many benefits. For example, now a days everybody keeps a mobile phone with him all the time and always attentive to any call. So, alert system using a telephonic call has more chances of being attended.

Getting response and storing them is useful information for he doctor for analysing about the patient responsiveness to the treatment.

Using phone is one of the cheapest and better option that having any web based reminder system or alarm system. An IVR can precisely play a message about the type of medicine the patient is required to take at that time. This will help the patient to concentrate on his regular works having to remember about his medicines and worry about it all the time.

So, if you have a hospital or medical service facility, it is time you put automatic IVR based pill reminder system in place to serve your patients better! Even call centers can offer this service to many large hospitals and health care industries.

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  • KO November 4, 2010, 7:46 pm

    It seems that there is never enough money for health care so hospitals, etc. have to look for efficiencies. IVR technology is well-positioned to help in saving money. From a hospital’s point of view, a pill reminder service helps follow up more efficiently with patients. Patients not taking all their medication is a common problem that burdens the systems so a system like this is a win-win for both the hospital and the patients.

  • Uttam Pegu November 5, 2010, 9:27 am

    Hi KO,
    Thank you for the feedback.

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