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On-Premise and Cloud Bulk Voice Calling Solution

As the general election is nearing in world’s largest democracy with staggering 790 million eligible voters, India, many IVR companies are gearing up to provide bulk voice calling service to political parties. India has many political parties who which have official budget for the election in billions of dollar. For example, as per news paper, ruling Congress party has budget of Rs. 500 crore for social media while main opposition party has Rs. 400 crore.

So, it can be expected that many political parties will try to reach out their voters using bulk voice calling services from Cloud IVR providers in the run up to the elections which is likely in April/May 2014.

We have seen that, normally, political parties go for hosted IVR providers for their bulk voice calling near elections where they provide phone numbers as well as recorded audio message from candidates and call out to their voters in constituency.

But I think, it is time, political parties look for on premise solutions! On-premise IVR solutions for political parties can give them many advantages.

1. Technically Qualified Volunteers

Now a days, many political parties have technically qualified people, like engineers, who have volunteered for them. In fact, at least three of Indian states like Goa, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh have engineers as their Chief Ministers. So, finding few engineers to maintain and customise on-premise IVR once they procure necessary CTI boards and IVR Toolkit will be surely a cost effective solution for them.

2. On-Premise IVR has long term use

Once the election is over, on-premise IVR can be configured for other IVR application like virtual receptionist, IVR based complaint management system, IVR based feedback system etc. Also, same IVR system could be used for many elections without having to invest in hardware/software again. With incoming IVR, one can build up its own database of party sympathizers whom it will be able to call during election time for voting party candidates.

3. Cost

While, initial investment may be high for on-premise IVR solution, but the expenditure could be recovered in few elections. Apart from general elections, assembly elections take place periodically in which the same IVR system could be used. And once the IVR system is in place, it will be only cost of making outbound calls to be paid to telecom operators.

So, most probably, it is time, political parties look for on-premise Bulk Voice calling solutions for their election campaign in order to save cost.

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