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IVR for Utility Services in India

Recently, IVR (Interactive Voice Response) for utility services in India seem to be getting popular as government sector companies and organisations have started deploying IVR for various automated service. The automatic monitoring of Midday Meal service and Gas Booking. Still, India is far from utilizing the amazing “Benefits Of IVR” to automate utility services which have fixed format, collect request as per customer id and deliver goods.

IVR for gas booking system is such an IVR application which can completely automate household gas booking and delivery system where any consumer can just dial a number, punch in his consumer number and register for gas cylinder. The IVR can immediately store the request and announce a tentative date and time for delivery to ensure some one at home to receive it. The IVR would also be able to lodge any complaint if any, find its request etc.

Recently, there were reports in news papers about launching of such IVR service in some cities in India. While I spoke to few gas agency about IVR, most of them have not heard about IVR. Few of them who heard about it, find it too costly for their business.

I think, the time has come now some IVR company comes out with simple, low cost “Gas Booking IVR” which can be used by any Gas Agency.

Or, has anyone deployed such IVR in India ? If yes, can anyone share a case study on it ? I oftenly feel, IVR is not being utilized at many places where it can really help both the business and its consumers.

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