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IVR For Small Business

IVR For Small Business
IVR system in an office is considered for big businesses which get hundreds of calls that requires automation. This perception is changing with increasing competition among small businesses. While automating calls is one part, but answering call to every incoming calls to a business is important for the business.

So, IVR for small business is also an essential requirement now a days which should work 24 hours a day. It should at least receive a call even during non-office hours and store the information so that some one can respond to that call in next office hours.

How IVR for small business should work ?

IVR for small business should work just like any other IVR system. While it may have fewer menu options unlike IVR for big businesses, or self service IVR, it still should have few essential features as below :-

1. Greetings to callers as per time of the day.
2. Menu options to get connected to department wise like sales & marketing, support or general enquiries.
3. It must have MIS reporting system for every call.
4 Voice mail system for recording message in non-office hours.
5. Email/SMS alert for sales enquiry
6. It must work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

How can IVR for be beneficial to small businesses ?

1. It gives professional handling of calls to first time caller and impression of serious business practice.
2. Keeps record of all incoming calls.
3. It can screen incoming calls automatically without any manual intervention which saves precious human resources in a small business.
4. It helps management to analyse calls.
5. It can automate complaint management system.

So, IVR for small business a must now a days. One can rent IVR System from a cloud IVR providers and start having IVR for business in no time!

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