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IVR for registration process

IVR ( Interactive Voice Response) system has many usage in different industries for different purpose,and IVR can also be used for any kind of “registration process” across industries! One may find it interesting, IVR for complaint management is also part of a larger “registration process”!

IVR for registration process

IVR Registration

There are requirement of prior registration for various events like seminar, exhibition, events, presentation. IVR provides simple registration process where any willing participants has to just dial one telephone number, press one key and he is registered! IVR can detect caller ID as the phone number of the caller and with increasing use of mobile phone, phone number is almost as unique as any identity!

Here are few benefits for using IVR for any kind of registration process:-

1. It is very easy for user to register

Other registration process like website, onsite etc. requires a person to fill up lengthy forms and confirmation of email ID. But, using IVR, the phone number is already confirmed one which is presented to the IVR in form of “caller id”. So, when caller dials from his mobile number, he can simply press a key to confirm his participation. Phone call can be made from anywhere sitting in a car or a beauty parlor!

2. IVR registration is fast and spam free

IVR registration process can be really fast, just dial the IVR registration number and disconnect! While attending the event, he may have to just produce his phone number and he would be a verified registrant for the event. Thankfully, there has been no spammer so far in phone calls like websites where one may get many spam registrations.

3. Using hosted IVR for registration

If one uses a hosted IVR service provider, one may setup IVR registration process quickly without having to invest anything for IVR infrastructure at office. Just start promoting the phone number dialing which one may register for the event.

4. Playing and recording voice message

IVR can play any promotional message for the seminar, event or exhibition to give highlight of the event. Also, IVR used for registration may be configured to record a voice message by the registrant where he may leave message like if he needs any further assistance.

Another benefit of having IVR for registration process would be, that it can be used by everybody, physically disabled like blind, illiterate and who do not have a computer and internet connection! And it can use any language while web-based registration is heavily biased towards English language (at least in India).

So, using IVR for any registration process may be beneficial for everyone involved. Though I have not seen much usage of IVR for registering process for events, but I hope, IVR can be used as a effective tool for it. Or have anyone used IVR for registration ? It would be interesting to know some experience about using IVR for registration.

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  • Ganesh Chhetry October 13, 2010, 1:30 pm

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  • Hitrsh Tank October 13, 2010, 6:19 pm

    I want know about ivr system for game show application. In the game show options of question / answer will be according to “ABCD”
    To arrive on BOX OFFICE the caller or the person sending SMS or website user, have to answer on one question correct.
    The answers will be in ABCD option
    The person answering only 1 question correctly will be entering in BOX OFFICE within a team of 10 lucky winners.
    The person answer the question fastest will be the winner amongst the ten lucky winners and will be entitled to “BOX OFFICE GUEST”
    The programme is divided into 4 stages, with 12 question and its answers, 3 life lines (means you can use the life line to answer the questions in any rounds during the programme and can be the winner.
    I want to know all the procedures how to develop this system.
    How we get revenue for from this game show?
    How we get SMS short code & calling lines etc.

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