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IVR for Online Classified Website

Online free Classified Websites allow anyone to post free advertisement to sell their goods, both old or new, services. OLX.IN is example of such website which is a free online platform of classifieds. It is a worldwide web which is currently working in India, and it offers a wide range of services, from education and jobs , the buying and selling of all type of products. They even have property section like flats in India in its category of classified listing! OLX is the next generation of free online classifieds.

IVR System can really help such online classified websites where some people may want to list their products in such websites and be connected instantly. Website owner can charge premium for such listing of products.

How IVR can help

Click To Call is a IVR service which can really be helpful for people who list their products for sale. Many buyer would prefer to speak to the seller instantly. While seller can surely give out his number in the listing, but click to call service would provide him a online MIS reporting system which is very useful.

Apart from Click to Call service, voice mail service can be made available where prospective buyer may leave voice message for the seller. Or Seller may retrieve any inquiry from seller from his land line phone and help seller Stay Connected all the time.

Classified Website Owner like OLX.IN, will also benefit in such a way that, it will build up verified phone numbers of sellers and buyers which will help in researching about online market in a country or geographical area.

Presently, such online classified websites generate revenue from Google Adsense or other form of advertising, but with IVR system, they will have another source of revenue generation. We can see many TVC of OLX in India. For example, OLX India runs the below TVC:-

Online Free Classified Websites can also implement shops for their Premium Lister and provide them virtual receptionist, an IVR Service, to them.

Speaking on phone and communicating in voice increases faith in seller and product listing for buyers.

So, IVR can be really helpful in online classified websites for both seller, buyer as well as such website owner.

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