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IVR for Call-In-Sick management

What is Call – In – Sick ?
Call In Sick is some urgent absent notification by employees about their intended absence in office normally before start of office or at the beginning of it. Employees normally call to their superiors or leave a message with heir colleague.
This is common practice to “call in sick” to office at some point of time either due to genuine sickness or for some urgent personal reason. In India, any employees are granted few leaves in a year, known as CL ( Casual Leave).

Many large corporates with thousands of employees may get many ‘call-in-sick’ calls everyday. Receiving, recording all such calls and then providing information to respective superiors may become a tedious process for large corporates. IVR can be used as an effective tool to manage all “call-in-sick” calls. Presently, employees call their superiors or colleagues to inform about sickness and urgent requirement for unplanned leave for a day.

How IVR can be used ?

One dedicated number will be provided to employees for call-in-sick purposes. All employees will use this telephone number to report urgent leave of absence for the day.

1. As soon as employee calls to this number, IVR will ask to enter the employee number. IVR will then look up employee details as well as already availed casual leaves.

2. IVR will ask reasons for asking casual leave with most used reasons, like sudden sick, accident etc. For others, it will record a voice message.

3. Once the reason for asking casual leave is recorded, the notification of absence of the employee will be immediately notified to his/her colleagues as well as superiors.

4. IVR may even inform the caller if some urgent meeting was scheduled for the day and his presence in office is a must, or inform him his number of leaves taken for falling ill for the current month.

Some advantages of using IVR for managing Call In Sick :

1. Supervisors or seniors would instantly know if any of his juniors are absent as soon as they ope their mailbox and may even get SMS alert, instead of finding out physically. This will help him plan, depute in the absence of of the employee.

2. In any school, it becomes a night mare when one teacher call-in-sick, and no alternative arrangement is made quickly by school principal.

3. It allows keep track of absent employees daily basis.

4. Genuine call in sick employees can record their absence without having to call up the boss who might not be co-operative enough to understand and an IVR can surely save him from embarrassment of trying to convince his non-cooperative boss! IVR can even remind call-in-sick employees, how many times he/she had taken sick leave so far!

5. IVR can provide MIS report for departmental heads for call-in-sick by employees, day wise, month wise or employee wise for better HR resource planning as well as appraisals.

So, IVR could be used to record, manage all ‘call in sick’ employees without anyone’s involvement in the process. With futuristic feature like ‘Speaker recognition’, IVR might even be able to predict if the employee calling in sick is actually ill or not! This will be a real good feature departmental heads.

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  • Kirsi August 18, 2010, 12:54 am

    Employees calling in sick and arranging a replacement can indeed become a huge task that can affect customer service. I have heard stories of hospitals employing teams of people to deal with these types of calls and replacement calls. In addition to hospitals, some obvious types of businesses that would benefit from such a system include school boards, police, large supermarkets, etc. Several Pronexus customers have developed time and attendance applications, including Vocantas who is pursuing call-in-sick opportunities in several industries.

  • SICKIEBC September 4, 2010, 12:40 am

    As a Health Care Professional in the Province of BC we use an automated call in system that does just that. We call in to one number, enter our employee ID’s and state the reason for our absence. Since the deployment of the StaffRelay Employee Absence Notification system there has been a transparency to absences that never existed before. I know we appreciate this service as it notifies everyone required of an absence the minute it occurs. I understand there is also a replacement option as well where it calls suitable replacements, although we don’t currently use that option, I know it would prove extremely handy. Engenic provides this service to over 50% of the Health Care professionals and it has made the process of calling in sick and managing these absences easy.

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