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IVR for Army Recruitment

Any national Army has to keep recruiting both officers and non-officers from various regions of the country periodically. It involves routine tasks which can be automated by using IVR ( Interactive Voice Response) system where prospective youths can get information about Army recruitment by just dialing IVR number.

Many youths willing to join Army require to know the exact criteria for selection as well as date of interview. Since, in a populous country like India, there are normally thousands of applicants for recruitment into the Army. So it is very difficult to provide such specific information manually either over phone or over the window!

With low penetration of news papers, internet or smartphones, IVR is the best solution to provide recruitment related information over phone.

For example, IVR for Army recruitment can have information like, essential educational qualification for officer, non-officer, required age on the date of interview, type of physical tests to be conducted, written exams in any. All these information could be provided to dialer using IVR without any manual intervention.

It is very easy to build such IVR. Ideally, a four port CTI card, a normal PC should be good enough for such recruitment IVR. Since, it involves very simple contents, it does not require dedicated content management system to maintain and update such IVR system.

So, typically, such IVR system can be built with minimal cost of Rs. 100000/- which should be able to serve large number of youths willing to join Army.

After analysing number of calls and enquiry, Army recruitment team will be better equipped to predict number of prospective recruits in advance and plan their logistics accordingly.

So, IVR for Army recruitment can help make recruitment into Army much smoother operation.

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  • Lokesh August 19, 2014, 4:02 am

    This is interesting! I think even Air Force can use similar IVR Systems

  • Balbeer Singh July 3, 2018, 7:12 am

    I request to you please give me phone number instead of Srinagar jakli center jiv Branch please find

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