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How E-Commerce portals can use Click To Call

Recently, many e-commerce portal has come up in India which seems to be selling almost anything on internet. They have also gone very aggressive in promoting their websites with TVC running in almost all television channels in India.

While, most of them have their toll free number, I have not seen any of them using click to call, a feature which is now widely used by many other portals. Many of these e-commerce portals display their toll free number or other number that starts with 1800 prominently and use them mostly for customer service, not for generating more sales lead or conversion.

Click to call feature, using which any web visitor can get a call back instantly, which is completely free of cost, can surely help an e-com portal in increasing sales as well as better customer service. Here is how e-com portals can use click to call service:-

1. Speak to Customer Care agent immediately

Web visitor can quickly get connected to customer service officer of the e-com who can guide the caller with few quick questions like refund rules, credit card security, payment options, delivery schedule etc. While these are also available in FAQ section, but many would prefer it to listen which increases customer confidence.

2. Help in Payment

Many web visitors are first time buyers online and may get confused during payment options. A click to call button there can be connected dedicated customer service agents who can help making online payment by using credit card, online bank transfer or any other method. This will surely reduce abandonment of online purchase in payment step.

3. Call Logging

With click to call, every phone call can be monitored, can be divided into different types of calls, like general enquiry, specific product enquiry or customer service calls. For example, click to call button on contact page would be a general enquiry while click to call button on a product page would be specific call about the product. This will help measuring popular product and measure ROI.

We have seen increase of calls to a portal by 60% after putting click to call button for product enquiry, customer service. These result in more sales and more customer satisfaction.

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  • Vijay Sharma January 21, 2013, 5:46 pm

    Hey Uttam,

    Yes – a lot of our E-Commerce customers use Click to Call and a hosted IVR solution – check some of them here – http://exotel.in/clients/

    But then again your post on mis-use of click 2 call is a valid problem. Have you figured a solution around that?


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