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Will voice mail go Email Way ?

Email has revolutonised the way people communicate, exchange messages and information. Even after many innovative applications like SMS, web-based innovations like Twitter, Social Networking Sites like Facebook, Orkut, Myspace, email was holding its forte, exchange of mails.



Likewise as I wrote enhancements, innovations about voice mail systems if implemented using CTI board and smart IVR application recently on 2nd November 2009, two days later, I had found a real innovation in voice mail system on Techcrunch. Google Voice has created quite an interest in managing and using voice mail integrated with web technologies, now Ribbit Mobile says, Goodbye to Voice mail, say hello to Ribbit Mobile!

According to the article, Ribit mobile takes over the voice mail of your mobile phone and routes any voice mail to the server of Ribit Mobile, and stores there with new greetings. It also sends out email using text to speech conversion engine to the subscriber’s email id, send SMS to his mobile phone! Though, I am wondering what is the use of converting the voice to text for sending it to Email account when it can send the voice messages itself in compressed WAV format as email attachement ? Now a days, no PC or laptops comes without sound card and multimedia. Even many mobile phones can play WAV files!

So, I was just wondering, will voice mail system go email way ? Freely available and accessible on any PC/Mobile with internet connection ? Will there be another hotmail.com ? May be HotVmail.com ?

But I think, integrating IVR applications and web technologies, some ‘killer application’ could be innovated by some smart kid!

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