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Mobile Content Summit 2011 in New Delhi

Mobile Content Summit second edition was held today at Shangri-La Hotel in New Delhi, India. This summit was a day long event where IVRS World was a partner. This mobile content was organised by Virtue Insight and attended by more than 100 delegates from Mobile Content, Telecom industry.

Mobile Content Summit 2011

The first session was chaired by Mr. N K Goel who is president of CMAI ( Communication and Manufacturing Association of India an industrial organisation with more than 5500 member companies). During his opening remark, he had informed the captive audience that India has the lowest voice call rate in the world , still its profitability is in the range of 20-25 range which is again highest profitability in telecom industry int he world!

Mobile Content Summit

In the morning keynote was delivered by Mr. Suresh Jayaraju, vice president, Head – new age VAS ( Value Added Service), 3G service from Reliance infocomm. In his speech, he opined that India has many innovative low cost VAS ideas where “missed call” can be used to exchange many information. For example, he said that if I give a “missed call” to a person with one ring, h/she would understand that I would come after one hour, if I give missed with with two rings, it means I would be late by 2 hours!

Mobile Content Conference

Vamshi Reddy from Yahoo had explained about mind boggling amount of content being stored, processed ready to be delivered to consumers. He had also informed that, now a days there are many user generated content and this is likely to increase manifold once 3G is rolled out in India.

Mr. Keith Curran, CEO of Steadings Group, United KIngdom had talked about UK experience about Mobile VAS industry and how India will have to gear up for changes in its content development. He explained about “PUSH” and “PULL” method of product development and how “PULL” method had been phenomenal success ( obviously referring to Apple’s IPad). He had also declared that Mobile Phone is now dead and we should gear up for new gadget which will do much more and voice call would become a mere feature in it!

It was successful summit attended by top executives who are stake holders in the Mobile Content Industry in a telecom market which has more than 770 million users and increasing by 20million every month!

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