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IVR Predictions for year 2012

In the beginning of the year 2011, I had predicted about some IVR technologies as well as IVR applications which are likely to see high usage, on looking back, except speaker recognition, I can feel reasonably satisfied about the result of the predictions.

Among others, hosted IVR and bulk voice calling has almost gone mainstream now even in India. IVVR has been making steady progress with top VAS ( value added service) players in India creating application and content for it. Though 3G penetration has not made any spectacular progress!

As for usage of IVR in payment gateways, it is definitely getting wider acceptance as well as becoming more and more trusted method of charging one’s credit card!

I have not found any substantial acceptance of speech recognition in IVR applications in India, though in other countries speech recognition has become quite common.

Speaker Recognition is another technology which has failed to make much of a buzz in year 2011. But I am still hopeful of this technology.

So, for 2012, here are my predictions:-

1. RAD tools – IVR Toolkit

Rapid application development tools are gaining popularity as well as acceptance among many developers. Almost all serious IVR companies now a days have their own RAD tool for designing IVR call flow.

2. Web enabled IVR

Year 2012 should see many improvements on Web Enabled IVR designing tool. Hosted IVR provider would design and develop easy to use web based IVR call flow designer.


I think, this year IVVR should find many deployments as well as usage. Hopefully, India would be able to provide low cost 3G connections which may propel consumption of video contents.

4. Wider acceptance of Open source IVR

I think, open source IVR would gain more popularity this year. With increasing acceptance of hosted IVR, the competition would be more intense and open source IVR would be advantageous.

These are all I can think of right now. Please share your predictions too!

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